Object of the game: Clear the minefield (by clicking on spaces) as fast as you can without detonating any mines.

Image by andrewdill

Scoring: Your score is the amount of time it takes you in seconds.  Finish in the least amount of time possible.

How to play:

Starting Out:  Begin by clicking randomly in the minefield until you get a decent amount of spaces cleared.  If you hit a mine during this, don’t worry, just start a new game.  It is a common thing.

Understanding the Numbers:  A space with a number on it means that there is a mine directly touching that space.  The actual number on the space corresponds with how many mines it is touching.  A space can have up to 8 mines touching it:  above it, below it, to the right of it, to the left of it, and all 4 diagonals. A cleared space that doesn’t have a number on it isn’t touching a mine.

Strategy:  Look for spaces with the number 1 because they will only have 1 mine touching them and you should be able to deduct where the mine is or isn’t.  If you know for sure where a mine is, right click it and a flag will be placed on that space (flagging is optional).  The flag is simply to remind you that the mine is there.  Continue using deductive reasoning until you clear the entire board!  Beware, sometimes there will be situations in which you have to make a guess.  Good luck!