Puzzle Challenge


Quick Synopsis

Work with your team to think outside of the box to solve multiple riddles, word problems, and other challenges.

Ideal for building: Thinking outside of the box, teamwork, patience


What You Need to Play

  • Puzzle questions for each team

  • Answer sheet

  • Match sticks

  • Pencil for each team

  • 2+ people

  • 10 minutes

Set Up:

  1. Print the puzzle sheets (download below). One for each team/
  2. Gather pencils and match sticks

How to Play Puzzle Challenge

  1. Tell the group that with a team, they are going to work to solve a series of puzzles.
  2. Ask the group to break into teams of 3-5 (you could play this game with just a couple people per team as well).
  3. Once the teams are formed ask a person from each team to come grab a Puzzle sheet and a pencil. 
  4. Ask the team to not look at the puzzle sheet until you say to start.
  5. Once all the teams have a sheet and a pencil you can say begin and start the 10 minute timer.
  6. At the end of the time, ask the groups to put their pencils down and it is now time to review the answers.
  7. Ask the teams to self grade their puzzle sheet
  8. Find out which team got the most right.

Debrief Example Questions

  • How did your team work together to solve the puzzles?
  • Did you all work together on each puzzle or did you all work on separate puzzles
  • Who came up with the idea to work a certain way?
  • What sort of skills are needed to solve these puzzles?
  • How can you use this skill outside of this activity?