Noodle Dual


Quick Synopsis

Get your group moving around and working on communication while trying to whack the other team with a pool noodle.

Ideal for building: Communication, trust, and group energy


What You Need to Play

  • 4+ people
  • 2 standard pool noodles
  • 2 Blindfolds
  • Whistle if possible
  • Boundary markers (cones, rope, circle of people, etc.)
  • At least 15+ minutes


Set Up:

  1. Define the playing area with cones or rope. You will want a decent sized space for the those wielding the pool noodles. Probably about 15’ x 15’ would be good.
  2. Lay out the 2 pool noodles in the middle of the playing area along with the 2 blindfolds
  3. Make sure any objects that could become hazards are clear of the playing area

How to Play Noodle Dual

  1. Tell the group that they will need to find a partner for this game but not yet. 
  2. Explain the goal of the game is to go head-to-head against another person and try to get one hit on them with the pool noodle. The catch is that both people are blindfolded!
  3. Each person will have a partner standing outside the playing area that can give them instructions on where to move and attack.
  4. After each person has found a partner, give the teams 2 minutes to come up with their communication plan. Note that each person will get a chance to be both the noodle-fighter (Noodler) and the person giving instructions (Caller).
  5. Once the teams are ready, have everyone gather around the circle. Explain that for safety that “If something becomes unsafe, I will either blow the whistle (if you have one) or yell STOP! and that play has to stop immediately.” Unsafe situations would be if a Noodler exits the playing area or is about to run into someone. It is your discretion what is deemed unsafe.
  6. Ask which two teams would like to go first and have the Noodlers enter the playing area and the Callers stand behind them outside the circle. The Caller will help the Noodler put on their blindfold and then exit the playing area. When you say “go”, the challenge begins.
  7. The second someone gets whacked by the pool noodle or exits the playing area, the round is over and the other person scores a point for their team. After one or two rounds (your decision based on how many people you have) the players switch positions with their partner. The team with the most points wins. 
  8. Then have two new groups play and repeat the game.
  9. If you have time, you can then have the teams that won go head to head until there is a final champion.

Debrief Example Questions

  • What worked and what didn’t work with the communication on your team?
  • How much did trust factor in to the game?
  • What would you do differently if you were to play again?
  • What did you learn about trust and communication that can help you outside of this game?