How to play Spoons

How to Play Spoons

by | May 30, 2013 | Card Games

Learn how to play Spoons, a simple card game with an active twist.  It’s simple to learn and can be played by children or adults. There’s even a version of spoons that has become popular as a drinking game at parties.  It’s a sneaky, fast-paced and involves bluffing, so if you have a good face for bluffing an opponent, chances are you’ll be good at Spoons!


Set Up

  •  Place spoons in the middle of the table, fanned out in a wagon-wheel pattern with the spoon handles pointing outward. Make sure players can easily reach the middle of the table to grab a spoon.


Don’t be the last to grab a spoon!  The first player who makes 4 of a kind can grab a spoon.  After a spoon is grabbed, all other players can grab a spoon.  The player who doesn’t get a spoon is “Out”.  Bluffing to grab a spoon is encouraged!


  • Dealer shuffles the cards and hands four cards to each player.
  • Dealer starts gameplay by drawing a card and deciding whether to keep it or pass it to the left.
  • If he/she does keep it, a card from their current hand is passed instead. The passed card is set in front of the player to the left face down
  • As soon as the card is passed, the dealer can grab a new card from the deck. Like speed, there are no turns!
  • This will continue around the table.  Each player passes cards (either the one from his/her hand or the one that was passed to them) to their left.
  • The final player (on the dealer’s right) places his/her discards next to the dealer for them to draw from.
  • Each player can only ever have four cards in their hand. You will see piles of cards stacking up in front of the slower players.
  • When a player gets four of a kind, they grab a spoon!
  • Everyone else can then reach for a spoon trying to grab one for themselves.
  • Because there are two few spoons, one player will not get one and is “Out”
  • Remaining players remove one Spoon and start over with dealing responsibilities passed to the left

Variations of how to play spoons


Much like the basketball game “Horse”, players who don’t get a spoon during a round of gameplay get a letter starting with “S”.  First player to “S-P-O-O-N-S” looses.

Extreme Spoons

Place or even hide the spoons in another room

Battle Spoons

It’s legal to wrestle for control of a spoon

Extreme Battle Spoons

Combine the above for utter chaos

Drunken Spoons

The player without the spoon must take a drink.

Big Groups

If your group is 10 or more people, it helps to use an extra deck.




and that is… HOW TO PLAY SPOONS!