Fox Walk - A Game About Behavioral Adaptation

Fox Walk – A Game About Behavioral Adaptation

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Fox walk teaches about the stalking technique of foxes, a behavioral adaptation, and the physical adaption of rabbit ears.  Predator prey relationships are explored and this is a great game to practice focus and center a groups attention.

Activity Stats


How to Play Fox Walk

  • Arrange group in a med to large circle
  • select 1 person to be the rabbit or prey and stand in the center of the circle
  • Instruct the prey to close their eyes or wear a blindfold and listen closely
  • As the facilitator, you will point at people in the ring to “stalk” in to the center as quietly as they can and lightly tap the “prey” on the shoulder
  • If the prey hears them and points at them, they must go back to the circle
  • If the fox taps them, they win and take the next turn in the middle

Facilitation Notes

  • Open the game with something like the following prompt.  “Predators have various phyisical and behavioral adaptions to hunt their prey and prey have various physical and behavviroal adaptations to avoid being caught.  The fox walks by carefully placing its foot on the ground starting at the front and rolling down onto it.  Try that strategy as you walk quietly in from the circle to tap the “prey” on the shoulder.  Prey, you can try cupping your ears like a rabbits ears to help you hear the approaching fox.”
  • Have the kids move around like foxes, as quietly at possible for a min before starting.
  • This game pairs well with Bat Moth in teaching about behavioral and physical adaptation.


  • Have the group make noise to simulate noise pollution
  • Use a pool noodle for the tagging

Debriefing Questions

  • What made it more easy or difficult to tag the rabbit?
  • What physical or behavorial adaptations might a fox have to help them catch a rabbit?
  • What made it more easy or difficult to hear the fox?
  • What physical and behaviroal adaptations might a rabbit have to help evade a fox?
  • How did noise affect your ability to hear the fox?
  • What are some noises in the natural enviroment?
  • What are some noises that people add to the natural environment?
  • How might the noise that people add affect foxes ability to hunt?  How might it affect rabbits?


  • Players must walk while participating
  • Carefully instruct “foxes” to lightly tag the “rabbit” on the shoulder only