Flip the Tarp


Quick Synopsis

Get your whole team to work together to flip over a tarp that they all happen to be standing on. The trick is you cannot touch the ground or use any other object to help.

Ideal for building: Teamwork, communication, trust and problem solving


What You Need to Play

  • 1 Tarp (should be just big enough to hold the whole team)

  • 5+ people

  • 10+ minutes

Set Up:

  1. Lay out a tarp on the floor. Remember, you don’t want to tarp to be too big. The bigger the tarp the easier the challenge. You can start with a bigger tarp while they get the hang of it and then decrease the size either by folding and taping it or replacing with a smaller tarp

How to Play Flip the Tarp

  1. You can have as many people as you like for this game as long as they all fit on the tarp. 
  2. Instruct the team that they have 5 minutes to work together to complete flip the tarp over while still standing on it. No one can touch the ground and they cannot use any other objects to help. Only each other.
  3. If the team gets it turned over easily, either increase the number of people on the tarp or decrease the size of the tarp.
  4. IF the team doesn’t get it in the time allotted, hold a mini debrief time to help them figure out what is working and what is not.
  5. Then let them try again and you can consider giving them more time.

Debrief Example Questions

  • How did you come to a consensus for what to try? (Was there a clear leader or did you all share ideas?)
  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?